Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Twenty-third Prophecy

Hellow all, its been a while. ever sins the WTC i had a bit of an burn out. but thing are getting better again. 

At my local wargaming club we are holding our yearly journeyman league for warmachine and hordes. And in preperation for this i have started painting my battle group. I will be fielding an Rask Battle group consisting of 1 Blackhide wrastler and 1 Ironback spitter. 

the full battle goup


Ironback spitter

Blackhide wrastler

Blackhide wrastler

Totem hunter

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The 4th slice

And we're back!

As said previously I have been tiresely working an completing a 100pts storm brigade.
And well I have finished it, with time to spare ;)
I even got around to assemble and paint the silverline stormguard.

Not much cygnar Blue on these guys, due to it being burned off by some over-zealous zealots.
I have to say I'm not realy a fan of the plastic models, some bad mould lines and seriously bent weapons... Never had these problems with the metal versions.

On to their cousins the true blue stormblades,

The unit.

The command attachment.

And 5 weapon attachments (3 for the new unit and 2 for the old)

And some pictures of the Storm Knight Solo, Love this guy!

On to the second warcaster I will be bringing;

Nemo 3 and his fatefull companion Finch.

And my last great work;

My Storm Strider "Blue Thunder" in full glorie.
Blue Thunder being another refence to a machine out of a movie, look it up you youngsters!!!

Next to all of this I have also been varnishing and basing a great back log of forces I already had painted up.

So What's next?

Currently I've been working on a Protectorate of Mentoh battlegroup.
I think this battlegroup is a better match-up to the cygnar one and wil give new player a more enjoyable demo game.

And of course there are still the gunmage and Morrow themed lists I have yet to complete... One needing a great deal more work then the other.
Oh and yes of course I have another adition to my Naval list I need to work on :)

On to the painting table!!!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Twenty-second prophecy

a fast little update, my friend menace came by and helped with the painting of the main rock parts.
note that the colour of the bridge and the towers ain't final.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

twenty first prophecy

No time for much text, just a lot of pictures of the wip of the scorn table.

We decided to go for a canyon with a big bridge over it instead of the first planed fortress.

Here you have a wip of the canyon wall's, we will be using pringels cans as pillars to support the bridge.

 here you see the structure for the bridge.

 and this is the master for the bridge sides

 no bridge is complete without cadges hanging under it. here you see the first couple of them.
 the middle board  with the scatter terrain.

The canyon sides

 started priming.

 here are a couple of shots with the wip of the bridge
 and then i realised the towers still had to fit, i was pretty lucky it all came out perfectly.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

The 3rd Slice

Hey all,

I know I haven't kept my word to paint the mercenary riflemen by the end of june.
But I can justify it (to my self at least) that there was alot of other stuff for me to do.
I went on holiday, painted, floored and outfitted a storage room in my house...
Along with normal famly buisness during such a beautifull summer it didn't leave me with alot of time to paint.

But, I finnaly got around to painting the riflemen by the end of August.
So why didn't I post them yet? Because I was already working on some bigger stuff...

Feast your eyes...

The riflemen as promised...

Nice Blurry close up (take with a 3 pixel cell Phone camera...)

Stormclad painted up in 2 days.

And la piece de resistance.... My Stormwall with lightning pods.
And yes, I got the name from a certain übercool movie.

Bring It On!!!

Picture from it's back...

I must say, I was intimidated by the Stromwall to start painting it. And man it was a big order...
It needs so much deatail on a model so big and difficult to handle. But I got it done and am pretty
pleased with how it turned out.
It just needs a finishing varnish, just like all the other painted models. But It's a sticky buisness that needs 2 days to dry and I wanted the pictures on my blog first.

So I hope you like 'em.

Anyway, since I'm painting my 100pts of troops to take part in a 600pts demonstration battle (300pts on each side) And I'm going totally Lightning themed I'm going to paint up the new Storm Knight solo, a second unit of stormblades with UA and 5 weapon attachments (2 are for my existing unit) and hopefully I can get to paining the new Silverline Stormguards...

Well that's it for the moment,
See you soon!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

twentieth prophecy

Hellow all,

We are almost don with the cathedral, it is a bit rushed but that was all i had time for to do. here are some pictures.

everything is painted. here you have some mood pictures.

I also made some custom objective markers 

up next is aplying the finishing toughes. and then we are of to the next table.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Nineteenth prophecy (with a little help of a friend)

Hellow all,

sorry for the delay but i my mind hasn't been with posting latly.

Let me make up for the time not posting with a big update.

but first of all I need to thank some people who helped me a lot the last couple of days.

so thank you Jelle,

and thank you Laurens

you make very good minions.

So first of all, i finished building the altar area.

 and after hours and hours of glueing tiles we finished the tiles for the playing area.

here is minion jelle airbrushing scaffolds in the background. He really seems the be enjoying himself.

Here is some of his hard work!

But he still has a long way to go!

So all of that needs some paint on it! 

The main buildings are finished. Now I need to finish the scaffolds, and build the scatter terrain
still a lot of work to do, but getting there.